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Automated Doors

Automatic doors from Severnside Security Ltd are available in an array of construction and design types, each specifically modified to satisfy a range of essential values in creating functional and safe access to and from buildings or even room to room.

Automated Door Features

High user frequencies, smooth pedestrian flows, excellent thermal insulation characteristics, an attractive design and a barrier-free passage are just a few of the demands that quality automated sliding doors are capable of satisfying.

Whether you opt for a partially functional product or for classic elegance with ultimate functionality, automated sliding doors always offer the user a high degree of comfort and safety, all whilst ensuring an unobstructed pedestrian flow and satisfying the highest architectural design requirements.

Single and Bi-Part Sliding Doors

The high degree of efficiency provided by these doors enables the fast and efficient operation of passageways without requiring any contact, whilst still being capable of maintaining optimum safety and security to meet with particular site requirements.

Further enhancement of the superior drive units is possible by incorporating a door framing system most suited to your environment.

All sliding door drive units are suited to most designs, whether they are framed, frameless or solid type doors.



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